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Are you planning on using any gravel or stone for your next landscaping project or construction job? Regardless of the size or scope of the project, one of the first things that you will have to do is take measurements; this is to ensure that you will purchase the right amount of material. Measurements also allow for an accurate estimate or budget for the project.

Purchasing too much material can result in wasting money or losing out on a job because you overestimated the material required when compared to a competitor. Our Brock Aggregates calculator is designed for this exact reason. We created this valuable tool to help our customers so that you can focus on the job ahead and not waste time “guesstimating”.

The Brock Aggregates calculator takes the hassle out of estimating your needs. All you need to do is plug in a few measurements and the calculator will do the rest. You won’t need to remember any complicated formulas or do any conversions. You’ll just get fast, simple, accurate results.

Benefits of using the Aggregates Calculator:

Increased Accuracy – Being accurate with your aggregate and stone calculations is imperative if you hope to complete your project on schedule and on budget. Contractors will be able to send out more accurate bids, meaning that you’re more likely to be awarded the job and will be able to get started faster.

Less Hassle – Most people are not confident with formulas or calculations. Why stress yourself out? When you use a stone calculator you can avoid the hassle of complicated equations and get right down to the task at hand.

Save Time – Taking the time to crunch numbers when estimating your crushed stone needs requires a significant investment of your time. If you make an error, you could end up wasting even more valuable time. Purchasing the wrong amount of crushed rock will result in you having to do more work to deal with the shortage or surplus. It’s better to just use a calculator so that you can buy your materials and get on with your work.

Try out our aggregates calculator here! Looking for advice on what material is best for your project? Contact our aggregate experts today! 416.798.7050